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The Holiday Resort

BEVERLY WEEKEND is located directly on the lake of Bütgenbach, away from any traffic. It is a new holiday complex with 8 apartments. This family-friendly facility with spa provides many features to spend a great holiday in any weather. The apartments at the lake of Bütgenbach cater to individuals, couples, families with children or seniors. Groups of up to 15 people can spend an unforgettable weekend in this location.

This luxury holiday resort is similar to a spa hotel and is situated in the Belgian Ardennes. The unique, mystical peat bog "High FENS" is close.

Lake of Bütgenbach

Tourists who have been to Bütgenbach in the past might still remember our building as "Seepanorama".

There are great shopping opportunities in Bütgenbach: two bakeries, a butcher, two supermarkets and numerous retailers. You can find everything you need in the immediate vicinity.

Bütgenbach is the most famous resort in the eastern cantons of Belgium. Bütgenbach is especially known for water sports and its sports and leisure center "Worriken".

Since 2016

There are 3 national languages in Belgium. Bütgenbach is located in eastern part near the German border. There are about 76,000 inhabitants in the German-speaking community of Belgium.

Our holiday resort comprises 8 apartments in the original, renovated "Seepanorama" building, as well as an indoor pool, a sauna, a gym, an indoor play area, etc. in a new building.